We are committed to a sustainable future, but without false promises.Genuine actions rather than empty words.

Where we stand

Sports are undeniably good for people. Yet we cannot deny that the production of every new tracksuit or kit comes at an environmental cost. At Robey, we are committed to reducing this ecological footprint. Transparency is essential, which is why this page exclusively showcases Robey's active involvement in various initiatives. Rest assured, in the background we are closely engaged on social and sustainable projects that benefit both people and the planet.


In 2023, Sympany and Robey initiated a project aimed at giving clothing a second life, with the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions from clothing production. Through special collection points at sports clubs, athletes can easily drop off their worn textiles. Collecting just 1 kilogram of textiles results in a savings of as much as 9.72 kilograms of CO2 emissions throughout the entire production chain.

Additionally, our products are packaged in 100% recycled plastic polybags and shipped in recycled shipping materials.

Everyone's game

From amateurs to pros, our mission is to send every player onto the field with a 1-0 advantage. We want every athlete - regardless of their level, background, color, gender, or orientation - to feel that this is their moment, their match, their season.

Community is key. That's why we are constantly looking to make sports more accessible, inclusive, and even more beautiful through various initiatives. For instance, Robey designed the rainbow jersey as part of the All-together Challenge, partnered with FC Groningen to combat youth physical inactivity, and support various local non-profit projects.

Furthermore, we provide financial support to every Robey club with a fixed sponsorship amount per member. In addition to being a supplier, we are therefore also a sponsor of every amateur club with the aim of encouraging the local community to participate in sports.

Supply Chain

All our manufacturers hold a BSCI, SEDEX and AMFORI certificate and/or label. They are subject to annual assessments regarding labor standards, health and safety, environmental practices, and business ethics. Additionally, we conduct our own inspections and visit the manufacturers. These checks ensure transparency and mutual trust throughout the entire supply chain.


The creative mind behind our brand is located by the Maas in the heart of Rotterdam. Here, all our products are designed and tested before they go into production. The logistics handling is then carried out from our warehouse in Dordrecht.


We don't beat around the bush. A significant portion of our production takes place in the Far East. However, we aim to produce as much as possible within the EU to reduce our ecological footprint. As a result, we currently manufacture in Portugal, Poland, and Turkey.


It can hardly get any closer. For the production of our socks, we work with various manufacturers in the Netherlands. With production on Dutch soil, the transportation distance is minimal, reducing CO2 emissions.


Dichterbij kan haast niet. Voor onze sokken werken we samen met verschillende fabrikanten in Nederland. Met productie op Nederlandse bodem is de transportafstand beperkt en reduceren we de CO2-uitstoot.



By now, 11 pro clubs and over 300 amateur clubs across the Netherlands step onto the pitch in Robey making us the number one teamwear supplier of the Netherlands. On top of that, Robey has re-entered the world of racket sports and fitness. Whatever sport you prefer, do it in style with Robey.