Robey was founded in 1947 by Pieter Bey. Starting out in his small Blijdorp (Rotterdam) apartment, he could have never imagined that it would eventually grow into one of the most notable sportswear brands in the history of the Netherlands.


The connection between Rotterdam and Bey lives on to this day in our brand name. Ro + Bey equals [Ro-bei]. We’ll also accept [Roh-bai] as a correct pronunciation.

Since 1947

For decades, we were the driving force behind some of the Benelux’s most iconic clubs and players. Legends like Ronald Koeman, Danny Blind, Louis van Gaal, John de Wolf, and Willem van Hanegem played some of their best football in Robey. Even the Dutch national team played with the Robey R on the chest.


in sportswear

By expanding into sports like tennis and volleybal, Robey quickly established itself as a leading apparel brand beyond just football. The 1960s, 70s, and 80s in particular marked the brand’s first era of prolonged success. It also left us with a treasure trove of incredible advertising. You're welcome, world.

The comeback

After a few decades of gradual decline, the brand had almost entirely faded from the courts, gyms, and pitches. However, the brand was given a new lease on life in 2012 when a young group of sports-loving Rotterdammers took the reins. Since then, the brand has quickly re-established itself as the Benelux’s fastest growing sports brand and the king of custom football kits. This resurgence was marked by FC Groningen’s KNVB Cup win in 2015, making it the first major Cup win in Robey’s history.



Presently, 11 pro clubs and over 300 amateur clubs across the Netherlands step onto the pitch in Robey every weekend – making us the country’s number one teamwear supplier. In addition, we’ve re-entered the world of racket sports and fitness, further cementing our mission of bringing style, performance, and a touch of luck to the world of sports.