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About Robey

About Robey

Pure. Football. Since 1947.

Robey was founded in Rotterdam in 1947. After the Second World War, the bombed city picks up the pieces, literally and figuratively. With passion and positivity, people build a new existence. This includes Pieter Bey, who, from his house in Blijdorp, realises his dream: his own sports brand. He puts together the first two letters of his beloved Rotterdam with the three letters of his surname, thus creating the brand name Ro bey.

A decade later, the brand would be leading in the Dutch sports landscape. In the sixties, seventies and eighties, a large part of professional and recreational Dutch athletes, including the National Dutch football team, wear Robey’s sportswear.

With the same passion and positivity as Pieter Bey in 1947, the Robey brand is revived in 2012. Not with the goal of becoming the largest. No, our mission is to make the very best football clothing. Clothing that breathes football, looks stylish and offers optimal comfort. The nostalgic look fuses with the most modern techniques and materials. With a continuous focus on quality. From football enthusiasts, for football enthusiasts.

Today, Robey still stands for that nostalgic football feeling, that unconditional love for the most beautiful game on earth. The scent of sweat and freshly cut grass. The tapping of studs on the locker room floor. Grieving and celebrating together in the clubhouse. Every football player recognizes it, whether you're in the Eredivisie or Lower Division.

Pure. Football. That is the feeling that brings Robey back to the fields.